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Carpet Cleaning Service Bonita Springs


Your furniture has done a great job giving you a place to sit back and relax at any time of the day. But after a long time without deep cleaning, your upholstered furniture will begin to show wear and look dingy, which then affects how people see the room and even the entire house—this is where we enter to give you the most unbelievable upholstery cleaning you could ever imagine. With our professional upholstery cleaning services, we will go deep into the fibers of your furniture to remove dander, dirt, grime, dust, and even pet hair, pollen, and dust that can cause allergies and agitate the eyes, nose, and throat. Our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment will successfully remove these allergens, which will lead to better air quality in your home and a healthier life for you and your family. If you’re in Naples, Bonita Springs, and Marco Island FL, let us help you have the peace of mind by giving you the most outstanding upholstery carpet cleaning services!

Carpet Cleaning Service Bonita Springs


Aside from our upholstery carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and floor cleaning services, we also offer carpet cleaning services for our customers living in Naples, Bonita Springs, and Marco Island FL. Cleaning carpets is more than just equipment and cleaning agents; hence, you will need carpet cleaning professionals who are knowledgeable and extensively experienced at their job. At Kare Teem, we only use the finest cleaning products, hospital grade disinfectant, and the most exceptional upholstery carpet cleaning methods in town. We will address moderate and heavy soil conditions in your carpets, and our carpet cleaning solution will depend on the soil build-up, traffic, type, and color of the carpeting.

What makes us the best option for your tile cleaning, floor cleaning needs is our professional, knowledgeable, and experienced cleaning team. Moreover, our team has gone through a rigorous screening and training process that includes background checks and detailed cleaning instruction—with this, we can assure you that you are protected and provided with the best cleaning services in town.

Carpet Cleaning Service Bonita Springs


Regular mopping and cleaning just doesn’t reach the stubborn dirt that lies deep in the grain of your hardwood floors, but KareTeem Cleaning Service deep cleaning process does. We use a specialty wood floor cleaning machine called a dirt dragon which is the best wood floor cleaning machine called a dirt dragon to break up tought dirt and grime from wood floors.

At KareTeem Cleaning Service, we never do guesswork in providing you the best hardwood cleaning solution at a fair price. We practice a standard procedure for scrubbing and cleaning your solid and engineered wood floors.

Here at Kare Teem, we always strive for excellence as we make sure that our customers throughout Naples, Bonita Springs, and Marco Island Florida are provided with top-of-the-line carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services at all times. Not only do we give importance to the detailed and service-oriented approach in every cleaning project, but we also focus on the effectiveness of our services by utilizing a versatile range of quality cleaning devices and the latest, cutting-edge procedures that support our customers’ well-being from inside and out. Aside from our upholstery carpet cleaning and services, we offer a wide variety of services such as tile cleaning, floor cleaning, residential cleaning, and commercial cleaning services—all of which continuously exceed the expectations of our customers.

Kare Teem – The best local cleaning company and vacation rental cleaning service provider in Florida 

At Kare Teem, it has always been our goal to help and assist vacation rental homeowners and business owners in maintaining the cleanliness of their properties. Remember the team that cares, Kare Teem, when you’re in need of reliable vacation rental cleaning services, janitorial services, commercial cleaning services, carpet cleaning, and tile cleaning services in Naples, Bonita Springs, and other surrounding cities in Collier County Florida. Whenever someone calls Kare Teem, they always ask if we provide vacation rental cleaning for their Airbnb and VRBO rental properties. We say YES! We are a recommended Airbnb cleaning company as well as a recommended VRBO cleaning company. We love cleaning vacation rental properties and provide the best cleaning services in Naples, Florida. Our clients love working with professional cleaners who are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our team of highly trained, professional, and experienced cleaners are also happy to provide tile cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, janitorial services, commercial cleaning services and office cleaning services to help you, your family, your employees and customers enjoy a clean and fresh environment. Kare Teem holds several government  contracts, including cleaning of medical facilities. We have extensive experience with large jobs but assure you that no project is too big or small to handle. We apply the same level of ‘Kare’ in all of our projects. If you are looking for vacation rental cleaning services near me, you are with the best cleaning company, Kare Teem. 

Kare Teem offers the following services: 

  • Carpet Cleaning service
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Janitorial service
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Vacation Rental Cleaning Services
  • General Office Cleaning/ Commercial / Retail Store Cleaning
  • Post-Event Cleaning
  • Industrial Facilities Cleaning
  • New Construction Cleaning
  • Specialty Floor Care (VCT, Tile and Grout, Vinyl, Carpet, Hardwood, Buffing, and Burnishing) General Home Cleaning – Dust, Vacuum, Sweep, Mop
  • Party Help and Clean Up
  • Move-in / Move out cleaning
  • One-time Deep Clean
  • Recurring Scheduled Maintenance Cleaning

All services are readily available to residents and business owners in Bonita Springs, Naples and other surrounding cities in Collier County Florida. 

Get that 5-star Rating on your Vacation Rentals 

Are you an Airbnb or VRBO host who is in need of help caring for your vacation rental cleaning? If you are in search for vacation rental cleaning services near me, Kare Teem is the cleaning company for you. A guest will always expect the best from their hosts. One of the biggest criteria they rate their vacations is by the cleanliness of the home, no matter how big or small the vacation rentals are. As a responsible host, you would surely provide the cleanest conditions for your guests. Kare Teem is a reliable cleaning company ready and willing to provide vacation rental cleaning services and house cleaning services for vacation rentals. With Kare Teem, you are sure to get that 5-star rating for cleanliness from your guests! We are a local cleaning company offering our house cleaning services for vacation rentals in Bonita Springs, Naples and other surrounding cities in Collier County Florida. If you were searching for ‘vacation rental cleaning services near me’, you can never go wrong with Kare Teem. We are the best house cleaning company offering the best commercial cleaning services and the best vacation rental cleaning services for residents in Florida (FL). Contact us now to book our services.


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