Commercial Cleaning Service Naples FL

Professional cleaning services with a personal touch.

See pricing and book your cleaning instantly

Commercial Cleaning Service Naples FL
Commercial Cleaning Service Naples FL

Professional cleaning services
with a personal touch.

See pricing and book your cleaning instantly

Commercial Cleaning Service Naples FL

Kare Teem Cares


If it’s not right, we fix it (for free)


Licensed, Bonded & Insured


All of our cleaning professionals are background checked


Top notch equipment and hospital grade cleaning products


Highly reliable and experienced cleaners


References available upon request

Serving Southwest Florida

From corner to corner, we offer professional cleaning services
in Naples, Bonita Springs to
Marco Island and other nearby city in Collier County Florida

Other Services


We offer carpet cleaning services for our customers living in Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island FL and other cities in Collier County Florida. 


With our professional upholstery cleaning services, we will go deep into the fibers of your furniture and carpet.


At Kare Teem Cleaning Service, we never do guesswork in providing you the best hard floor cleaning service at a fair price.

Get yourself a team that is teeming with care. Looking for a commercial cleaning company to reliably take care of your vacation rentals? You can turn to Kare Teem, Florida’s most trusted professional cleaning company!

When people stay in vacation rentals, they expect the house cleaner to assure a fresh-smelling, and clean home. Well, who else would you trust your rental to? You can turn to Kare Teem, Florida’s (FL) professional cleaning company that offers various cleaning services like carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and other commercial cleaning services. We are a commercial cleaning company offering our services to homes and businesses in Bonita Springs, Naples and other nearby cities in Collier County, Florida (FL). Kare Teem are hard floor cleaning specialists so if you’re looking for a ‘tile cleaning company’ or ‘tile cleaning near me’, look no further as you are in the right place. Kare Teem is your one stop shop of all things cleaning! 

Kare Teem is a family-owned business that proudly offers both commercial cleaning services and residential cleaning services, including vacation rentals cleaning in various parts of Collier County, Florida (FL) including Bonita Springs, Naples, and other nearby areas. We have always been known for our fair pricing and professional cleaning services. We are the best commercial cleaning company you can count on to keep your property looking great. Were you searching for a ‘tile cleaning near me’ or in Naples, Florida or other parts of Collier County? If you were searching for tile cleaning professionals or for a professional cleaning company to take charge in maintaining the cleanliness of your property, you can put the brakes on your search. Kare Teem would gladly take on the task of scrubbing, dusting, sweeping, and mopping to impress your family, guests and employees with a spotless, safe and clean space. You can put your trust in Kare Teem Cleaning Service. Contact us to know more of how this commercial cleaning company can provide you the best cleaning services you deserve. 

Why should you invest in a cleaning service?

“Yeah sure, it’s cleaning, wiping, dusting and all that. I can do that.” It might seem easy to clean, but dusting and wiping doesn’t always do the trick. Even if you do wipe surfaces, chances are, these surfaces still have germs and bacteria teeming on the surface, which may even develop into an unsafe situation. We at Kare Teem are able to provide proper disinfecting Cleaning services as well as, tile cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning to commercial office, or facility. With more and more people being more particular with the cleanliness and sanitation of a property, you can look to us, Collier County’s well-known professional cleaning company to provide a well sanitized, clean and inviting space. Our team of cleaning professionals and floor cleaning specialists can quickly and efficiently clean your home, office or facility. If you were searching for ‘the best cleaning company near me’, be ready to impress your family, guests, and fellow employees with a place that is clean, sanitized, and cozy. This you can get only with Kare Teem cleaning service, reliably servicing in Bonita Springs, Naples, and other nearby areas in Collier County, Florida.


How it Works


Step 1: Schedule your cleaning

Simply go to our booking page and tell us the size of your home, what you want cleaned, and when you want us to clean your home.


Step 2: Wait for your scheduled cleaning

You’ll hear from us shortly after your booking to confirm everything. After that, sit back and don’t worry about cleaning. We will come at the scheduled time and date and do it for you.


Step 3: We clean your home

We will arrive on the scheduled time & date of your booking and do the cleaning for you. You no longer have to worry about cleaning your home, and can do whatever your heart desires with the new free time you have.

Ready for a clean home?